Mission of this web site

This web site is meant to help people shopping for a new bicycle. If you are in the process of buying a new bicycle, either for casual Sunday family rides, or for serious training, this web site will try to guide you through the steps required into buying the right bicycle for your needs. You will find many useful tips and tricks that will make you a wise bicycle shopper. The site will also get you familiar with basic mechanic skills that will be helpful to keep your bicycles in good shape over time.

What others say

"You're site is very professional. Thanks for whatever you do have out there. Your directions were so easy to understand. What a nice service you provide. Thank you."


"I just wanted to say that your bike buying guide was very informational and definitely helped me sort out all the mess when shopping for a bike. I hope you keep updating it because it's a good resource for potential buyers out there."


New look

I've just changed the website look and feel. I hope you like it!

Happy holiday season to all.

There haven't been much new additions to the site lately, but I will do my best to find some time to add things you suggested.

Feel free to drop me a comment for suggestions to add new topics or Email your suggestions to bikes@bikes.jump-gate.com.

Tell us what you would like to see added on this site

The summer is coming again and with it, the traffic on this site.

I would like to get feedback from you to get a better feel of your needs and expectations as you reach this site. Take a few minutes to drop a line or two about what you would like this site to talk about or new content to be added.

I appreciate your feedback.

Marc Bernatchez

Help by contributing content to this site

If you are knowledgeable about bicycles, this site is the place to help others by contributing new content as well as to help complete content found on this site.

If you see a section with a "To be completed..." comment on it, feel free to edit these pages and add things that you would think is relevant to mention for the particular topic of that section.

Submit your Cycling Images

I would like this site to reflect our visitors by giving you the opportunity to contribute with your own photos of bicycle riding trips and such. The selected photos will be used to replace the current bicycle seen at the top of this page header.

The photos must be yours and / or not copyrighted. It can be anything that relates to showing people cycling on a sinuous road with a nice landscape view on the background. Let your imagination and creativity free and impress us!

Let the best photos win. Note: I may do a montage of many photos if it sounds possible.