All terrain bicycles

All terrain bicycles (ATB)

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The last category we will look at is the all terrain mountain bicycle (ATB). These bicycles are made with one goal, sustain about any physical stress that they encounter. The ATB bicycles went a long way since their first apparition. Nowadays, shock absorbers are common on those types of bicycles. The fork shocks are almost standard on most mid to high-end ATB bicycles. There are various sub-types of ATB. From downhill ATB to cross country ones. Each has specific functionality and refinements, depending on the type of road they are built for. On downhill ATB, disk brakes and rear wheel shocks are common. This is not the case for a cross country model, which is made lighter with less parts. This type of bicycle has long been the choice of many casual cyclist who wanted comfort over speed and performance. At that time, the hybrids were not yet available on the market. Even today, a few still prefer the ATB bicycle over an hybrid.

The ATB bicycle is characterized by the widest tires of all bicycle categories. The tires comes in various threading patterns, from motocross patterns for off road conditions to slimmer patterns more suited for asphalted roads. Typically a bicycle is called an ATB bicycle when its tires are more than 1.75 inches wide ( 43.75 mm ).

The brake systems used on MTB's are either V-brakes or disk brakes. Do not settle for less unless price is the only factor.