Cycling habits

How much cycling do you plan to do weekly, monthly?

  • When I feel like it
  • A few times a month
  • On weekends
  • A few times a week
  • Every day

This question tells you the approximate price you should invest on your new bicycle.

Usage frequency Price range (USD)
When I feel like it 0 to 200 $
A few times a month 200 to 350 $
On weekends 350 to 450 $
A few times a week 450 to 800 $
Every day 800 $ or more

This last table is only given as an indicative reference. It cannot be assumed that your bicycle usage will fit exactly with this table. For example, if you plan to use your bicycle for five or ten years, it is probably worth stepping down one or two rows. If your situation is "A few times a month" but you want the bicycle to remain relatively up to date for these 10 years, then you should probably buy a bicycle in the "450 to 800 range" instead of the "200 to 350$" range. In bicycle, in general, the basic rule is: you pay for what you get. There are of course variations around the average price tendencies, but in general, the more you pay, the better is the bicycle quality.

Let's consider an other example. If your situation is "When I feel like it", it would be unwise to invest too much on a new bicycle, unless you are sure about your expectations and cycling frequency habits. Let's put it this way: it is better to sell a cheap bicycle if you find out after some time that you need more than to buy an expensive bicycle from the start and lose more money when selling it later. This is because no matter the bicycle, the price you can ask for a used bicycle is always a fraction of the initial cost. If your bicycle lost 25% of its initial value, 25% of 200$ is a smaller loss than 25% of a 800$ bicycle.