After a long period of low update rates, I finally got some time to put on this web site. This sounded like the perfect time to introduce an all new and enhanced web site as the summer is coming for many of our readers. This new site will provide improved functionalities like discussion forums so that you can ask your questions or help others making the best use of the bicycle season.

We are also introducing a community concept with this new site as you will now be able to actively participate to the actual content of this web site. Indeed, all registered users will be allowed to edit and submit changes of almost any page found on this site. So if you have the know-how and are willing to contribute, please jump-in and participate to make this web site content even better!

There is more to come but I feel these changes on this bicycle shopping guide website will provide to be quite useful to many of you. Feel free to comment as you read various sections of this site if you have wishes, etc.

Have fun and come back!
Marc Bernatchez