Riding techniques

Depending on the type of riding style and purposes, we will list various tips and tricks in the following sections to give you the right tools to get the most of your ride while saving your energy and enjoy the ride to a maximum.

Weight Limit?

Do bikes have a weight limit? My husband and myself are changing our lifestyle to be more active (after he had a stroke). He is just under 400 lbs. We want to purchase bikes for trail riding. Is there a specific bike you would recommend?

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This is a good question that

This is a good question that I should include into a new topic. There are weight limits between types of bikes. For instance, a race bike is probably not what you would be looking for as it has a much thinner frame that is more fragile. I would advise an all terrain bike (ATB) which typically has the largest and strongest frames. You can even get one with shock absorbers on the front wheel fork as well as on the rear wheel. Before buying anything, make sure you ask your seller about weight. Tires should be at least 60 PSI and large enough to provide good support and traction.

See http://bikes.jump-gate.com/bicycles_types/atb.html

Given your exercise goal and health state, I would strongly recommend first establishing a training plan with your doctor to ensure you start progressively and smoothly. I do not recommend going for off road track trail riding at first. The reason being that many of these trails require a lot of hill climbing. What I would recommend is to first ride on calm neighborhood streets first. Your first rides should be planned such that you make a circle path around your home neighborhood, such that you are never far from home as tiredness shows up. As you get in better shape and more confident, gradually enlarge your distance, maybe riding on country-side roads where car traffic is small and the views of nature add to your riding experience.

Another point to check as you buy a bike is to make sure it has at least 21 speeds. Ask your bike dealer for gears such that it is easy to climb hills. You want gears with more teeth on the rear wheel and less on the front 2 or 3 gears. This will make you pedal faster in a given circumstance, but allow you to climb hills with less effort. Your aim is not to buy fast bikes but ones that have more polyvalent speed gear ratios.

Another good idea would be to seek for a cycling club in your area and become members. It is always safer to ride in groups, and it adds to the overall fun as well doing so.

Enjoy the coming summer and be safe